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Matthew Arnold Stern
9 min readJan 4, 2022
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In July 2021, I was interviewed by Liz Barrett Foster on her Eat Like a Writer website. Unfortunately, she is discontinuing her website so she can focus on her writing. Here is the interview. Follow Liz on her website and LinkedIn to learn more about her writing and upcoming projects.

Matthew Arnold Stern began his writing career in high school, graduating to technical writing, journalism, public relations and author of several books, including The Remainders and Amiga. In his interview with Eat Like a Writer, he shares why writers should stop calling themselves “aspiring writers,” how food helps readers connect with a book’s characters, and the ways writing can be therapeutic for the reader and writer.

Writing was an outlet for teen drama during high school, says author Matthew Arnold Stern.

Tell us a little about how you got started writing.

It started at Reseda High School in Reseda, California. I was going through typical teenage drama, and I turned to writing to deal with it. My English teacher, Darlene Loiler, read my writing, told me I have talent, and encouraged me to develop it. I got involved with the school’s creative writing magazine and newspaper. I gained a love for writing that I’ve been developing ever since.

Your bio says you’re a technical writer, publicist, and journalist. How do you juggle all of those and which is your favorite?

I see technical writing, book writing, publicity, and journalism as aspects of my writing life that all fit together. Technical writing pays the bills. It’s a career I started in the 80s at the start of the personal computer industry. Those early experiences were the inspiration for my novel, Amiga.

To write accurate documentation and quality fiction, I call upon my journalism skills. From journalism, I learned to dig for sources, verify facts, and put information together quickly. As for publicity, it is an essential skill for publishing.

Why did you want to write a book?

That’s the dream for every writer, isn’t it? To create something tangible you can put on a bookshelf and tell…

Matthew Arnold Stern

A novelist and award-winning public speaker and technical writer. My novels Amiga and The Remainders are available now.